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Walk In My Shew Featured in "Say Hi To Russia"!

Hi friends,

Last year in May, I went to Russia to check out the beautiful cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. A month later, I wrote a blog post about Moscow in this link:

Around 8 months later, I was approached by a travel based organization in Russia to post my blog post in their website, and of course I agreed to do so! As you know, Russia is about to host the FIFA World Cup. As the country will get worldwide attention, it makes sense for Russia to use this opportunity to garner interest and to tell English speaking people the cool places to visit.

Thanks to the team in "Say Hi to Russia", my post was posted in this website:

They have tons of other materials about the cities in Russia. Do check it out when you are there, either because you are traveling, or maybe you are one of the few lucky ones that got World Cup tickets!



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