January 27, 2018

Unexpected journey, twists and turns unraveled in the land of Patagonia & Atacama. What a trip to volunteer for the 4 Desert Atacama Desert Ultra-marathon race! Ventured into the land of Patagonia with a beautiful sight of Mount Fitz Roy. Not to mention, the trek at the W trail at Torres Del Paine was marvelous! Lastly, finished off South America at Buenos Aires with Matias with a bang!

Even busting my knee was worth it.

October 29, 2017

What and where is Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, located in the east side of the country facing the Atlantic ocean. Buenos Aires in English literally means “good air”. As at 2010, there are about 13 million people living in the metropolitan area, and 3 million people living in the city. The ethnicity of Argentinians is mainly Spanish and Italian. The heavy influence from Italy has made pasta a popular di...

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