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My name is Henry Shew and I am a Chartered Accountant tax professional in Canada. I started this blog (Walk in my Shew) to document all my travelling stories, and of course to blog about interesting places that I want to see. While I travel, I tend to make a lot of travelling videos, which you will see throughout my blog. Hopefully, after reading the blog, you will be able to "walk in my shew (shoes)" and experience the things that I see.



I began my backpack travelling trips around 7 years ago. Over the last 7 years, I had quite a few backpack travelling trips. These trips covered five different continents: Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia. In my trips, I walked through the romantic streets of Paris, explored the towering mountains of the Andean valley, listened to the sound of the Africa safari and dove deep in the Great Barrier Reef. I definitely enjoy travelling because it allows me to meet new people and often gives me inspiration.


I started my video hobby since I was 15. Now, I have focused mainly on travel video blogging. Though, I would not shy from filming some interesting short stories. If you have any story ideas for a film, please give me a shout!


Other interests include playing tennis, golf and meeting new people!



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