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Here is a list of my best 10 highlights from travelling


Great Barrier Reef

A surreal feeling where you can swim freely underwater and interact with fish and corals.













Uyuni Salt Flat

A view of the salt flat with "nothing" on the horizon, the view of the salt flat is absolutely flat. Star gazing at night is gorgeous.













Yungas Road

Terrifying bike down the famous "death road" in Bolivia, La Paz. If you survive biking down the road, you get a free T-shirt.


















Craziest beer festival that I've ever been. Everyone is just so happy and they start standing up singing. Be aware to reserve seats early though!














Huacachina Desert

The desert ride at Huacachina, Peru is spectacular. I swear the driver purposely drove in roller-coaster mode to give us the thrill.

















Vienna Opera House

Don't think many of you can say that you've been to one of the most prestigous opera house in the world. They even have translations for you! (Sorry no pictures for you, not allowed to take)



The Red Light District

Eye-opening view. Definitely something that you cannot see in Toronto. Learned about the industry from the tour and how professional it can be. (Sorry no pictures for you, not allowed to take)




Never have I thought that I have the option to choose between Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren on the same night.













Atacama Desert

The experience of being a volunteer makes this desert super special.














Machu Picchu

Mysterious Incan citadel located at the high Andes Mountain of Peru. I don't think I need to give you much description, but please avoid the crowd.

















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