May 26, 2018

Let me bring you to witness the breadth of scenery that ZhangJiaJie (張家界) can offer. This famous city is known for being the movie location for "Avatar". Not anywhere that you can see hundreds of column-shaped mountains, presented in front of your eyes. Each season offers you a different look. Whether there are midst, fog or bright sunshine, you'll feel a different kind of ZhangJiaJie when you visit this city.

March 10, 2018

ZhangJiaJie (張家界) is famous for inspiring director James Cameron in filming Avatar. Ever since the release of Avatar, ZhangJiaJie became known to international travelers, and also to professional photographers who want to capture the beauty of the mountains. The mountains in ZhangJiaJie are famous for their narrow shape and precarious peaks.

What does ZhangJiaJie mean?

First and foremost, ZhangJiaJie in Chinese literally means t...

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