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First time watching a soccer game live!

This is certainly an exciting day. My friend invited me to watch a soccer game live, which is what I always hope to do in Mexico. Soccer is like the national sport in Mexico. So to be able to watch a soccer game in Mexico is quite an exceptional experience.

It is also exciting because I'm watching a game at Monterrey's newest built stadium - the Estadio BBVA Bancomer.

In Monterrey, there are two soccer teams: CF Monterrey and Tigres UANL. Much like any sports with two teams in the same city, there are always rivalries and hatred towards each other. This is true when Man City vs Man United, Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers, New York Rangers vs New York Islanders etc.

When CF Monterrey faces Tigres UANL at hometown, it is always dubbed "El Clasico". All my friends in Monterrey told me that these games never ended up well. There will always be violence, flight and even blood-shed. Last week, there was an El Clasico and Tigres UANL won the game 3-1.

Luckily (or unluckily), the soccer game I'm watching is not El Clasico. It is a game between CF Monterrey and Guanajuato's Leon. As a resident of Monterrey, of course I'm cheering for CF Monterrey rather than Leon. However, the same doesn't go much to one of my friends who came with me. She is a die-hard Tigres fan and it would be awkward if her friends find out that she is attending a CF Monterrey game. However, she does have two logical reasonings:

1. She is accompanying a foreigner (aka me) to watch a game by being a very nice host.

2. She is checking out the new stadium in Monterrey.

Anyway, the atmosphere is amazing and a section of the stadium is reserved for standing only. People who stand in that section are the official cheerleaders for CF Monterrey.

Before the game, I was joking around and told my friend that I'm expecting a lot of crazy action in this game, such as free-kick goal, header goal, penalty or even the Hand of God!

For majority of the game, CF Monterrey was leading Leon 2-1. In fact, the game even went overtime and CF Monterrey pretty much sealed the fate of victory.

Until the 92nd minute...

There was a corner kick made by Leon, and a player from Leon headed the ball to CF Monterrey's net. It was a goal.

As soon that happened, all my friends looked at me, because I was hoping for a header goal. I guess I should have specified that I wanted a header goal made by CF Monterrey.

Doesn't matter, I don't think I would ever be invited to future CF Monterrey games, or Tigres games.

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