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Travel Recommendation 1!

Today I'm going to start a series of travel destination recommendations. Through my extensive research over the internet, I'm going to regularly post my recommendation to world travelers. In fact, I will only post places that I have never been (which makes it one of my destination bucket list). In this series, I will recommend places that are not well-known to an average joe. I will try my best to uncover the hidden gems of the world. Some of these places are pretty surreal and fantasy-like.

Well, my first recommendation in this series is the Mendenhall Ice Cave in Juneau!

This unreal looking ice cave is located at the capital of Alaskan state, Juneau. In order to reach there, you have to conquer a challenging 4-mile hiking trail. Unfortunately, this cave is not accessible by any means with ground transportation. However, it is possible to kayak your way to the Ice Cave. Currently, there are a few operating tours that offer a day-trip hiking guide to trek towards the Ice Cave. These hikes often involve walking on crampons because a section of the trail is slippery.

This Ice Cave is currently monitored by the Juneau Icefield Research Program. Due to the effect of global warming, the Ice Cave has receded almost 2 miles since 1958.

Visitors should be mindful that there is a recent collapse of the Ice Cave in the summer of 2014. Global warming is speeding the melting of glaciers and this tourist attraction is currently in an unstable state. Tour guides are constantly monitoring the condition of the Ice Cave and assess its safety. Hopefully, when I visit this place, it is under safe conditions.

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