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Bungy Jumping? Scary & Thrilling

Day 8

In the morning, we drove to Smithfield (just 30 min north of Cairns) for Yale’s bungy jump. I didn’t do a bungy jump because I’m terrified with heights. However, I gladly took the job as Yale’s photographer.

On our way to the tower, we saw a sign such as below.

The company that we went for bungy jump is AJ Hackett – a pretty respectable adventure company. The tower of the bungy is around 50 metres high. They provide you with three levels of jump, including a swan dive, back dive and even a dive with a BMX! The price of a basic bungy is around $169. However, bungy jump itself is not the way they make their margins. Most of their margins are generated from the photos and videos that they took. I believe a Go-Pro video from AJ Hackett costs around $30.

By the way, this is Yale doing the bungy.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I have the courage to conquer such a thrilling activity. I guess I can always resort to my water-related adventures!

Afterwards, we drove for about 40 minutes from Smithfield to Kuranda to visit the Kuranda Koala Gardens. At the garden, we were able to see different kinds of local Australian animals, such as a wombat, a blue-tongued skink, and a kangaroo (real this time). However, the most exciting part of this garden is that you can actually hold a koala bear!

Here is a picture of a wombat and a blue-tongued skink.

A real kangaroo (not a wallaby).

Below is an unsuccessful attempt by Yale trying to feed a wallaby.

Of course, there is the picture of me holding a koala bear!

And this was how I held it.

Here is an interesting fun fact about Australia. It is illegal to hold a Koala bear anywhere but in the state of Queensland. The government is concerned about preservation of the animal because they get stressed with constant handling; and stressed koala bears frequently die. Though, you can still get close to a koala bear in other states, and may even be able to pat it. The only restriction is that you are not allowed to hold it.

After fulfilling my desire to hold a koala bear, we drove back to the main city centre of Cairns and explored the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon – a giant public swimming park that looks like this.

On the same day, I went to the chemist to buy aloe vera cream. Remember I mentioned that Australians call their pharmacists as chemists? Well, although this photo was taken on another day, here is proof:

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