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The scenic west coast: Vancouver & Victoria

After spending my week at Whistler, I took the shuttle bus and arrived in Vancouver. In the next 4 days, I stayed at my friend's apartment, and then stopped by Victoria Island for 2 days.

My conclusion about Vancouver is that people are very laid back. People in Vancouver have a very healthy lifestyle. Given the temperate climate, it is very easy to just go outside and jog or bike. This forms a huge contrast compared to Toronto where running can be a problem when nearby cars emit toxic gas. Of course, I took this opportunity to bike around Stanley Park.

At night, I checked out Gastown, recommended by my friend to eat dinner there.

The next day, I went to the Vancouver suspension bridge. I am definitely not a big fan of heights but I still managed to walk across the other side of the canyon - too proud of myself. (Or my friend just forced me to walk)

My friend Shari decided to explore the suspension bridge with me.

After spending 4 days in Vancouver, my family friend was gracious enough to take me to Victoria Islands. This place is very calm and quiet. You can definitely see that people are just so relaxed and are trying to enjoy the calm sea.

Some artistic picture taken by my friend.

Came back to Vancouver to catch the firework competition between France and USA. I personally like the one from France better.

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