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Chicago: City of architecture

I remember while traveling to Chicago with a tour bus, Toronto was in the middle of a snow blizzard (and probably the worst in history). I must say that I got lucky and escaped to Chicago, while it was peace and calmy there. Unfortunately, since my short trip to Chicago was during winter time, the Chicago River was completely frozen.

If one goes to Chicago, one must not miss the famous Cloud Gate (or what many people call "Chicago beans"). Unfortunately, it was a wet and gloomy day so that many of my pictures weren't at their best quality.

Clearly, I wasn't the subject of these pictures. My brother was.

Later on, we went to Willis Tower. Not to our surprise, Chicago was way too foggy and we wouldn't be able to see anything if we went to the deck. We could only take a picture of the LEGO version of the tower.

Not all is lost. Despite not being able to see the city under the best conditions, we were treated with good deep dish pizza. The pizza was portion was enormous and we weren't able to finish all.

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