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The Way to Puno - 14,232 feet high

Day 7

We took a day tour bus to travel from Cusco to Puno (home of Lake Titicaca). You do have the option to choose between day bus or night bus. Many people choose night bus to save time and accomodation. It is still relatively safe in Peru to take an overnight bus. However, it is extremely comfortable because the roads are bumpy (based on Tripadvisor review comments). We decided to take our time and enjoy the scene on our ride to Puno.

Our first pit-stop was Andahuaylillas, which is the sistine chapel of South America. In this chapel, we were surprised to see many mirrors (which I will explain why in later posts).

Afterwards, we stopped by another archaeological site, Raqchi, which is also known as the Temple of Wiracocha.

This is where the "fun" begins. Do not get fooled by my cheery face below. We were actually located in a plain that is about 4,338 metres high or 14,232 feet high. This is the highest point from Cusco to Puno and I'm already feeling the altitude sickness. To describe how it felt like: Imagine someone constantly pounding your head.

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