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Bonjour Paris!

Day 23

It is funny how the first attraction that we visited in Paris was not the Eiffel Tower, nor the Arc de Triomphe, or even the Notre Dame. As a true tennis fan, the first attraction that we visited was the Roland Garros stadium.

We took the city train and arrived at the arena of one of the Grand Slams of tennis. I definitely could not contain my excitement (as seen from the picture below) because every display in here just fascinated me. It was also fitting that Domeny and I took the tour to go inside the stadium.

It is also my goal one day to visit every single arena of the Grand Slam tournament.

This is the Cup that everyone kisses.

I just won a match! Interview me!

My outfit wore by my favourite female tennis player, Li Na, when she won her French Open title in 2011.

What is the significance of this locker? It is Roger Federer's! I know I'm the biggest fan boy here.

And finally at the Centre Court!

Not the best angle, but this would do it.

Anyway, once we came out of Roland Garros, we quickly glanced at Notre Dame. Sorry Notre Dame, your importance to me is pale compared to Roland Garros.

To be honest, I didn't feel like it was right taking pictures during a mass.

Anywhere, here is a bonus content for you: The French Pantheon. The facade actually looks quite similar to the Roman Pantheon.

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