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First Opera Experience

Day 17

This time, we are really exploring the city of music. One thing I forgot to mention was that yesterday we had Austrian schnitzel for dinner. The schnitzel tastes exactly the same as German schnitzel. To be honest, I don't notice any difference.

At Vienna, we toured around the city centre including the iconic St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Conveniently, we walked by an eatery called Henry! The way you get food is almost like Longo style, where you get food from the tray, and they charge you based on weight.

At Vienna, you must visit the Mozart museum, which is where Mozart spent most of his life in (besides Salzburg). The museum was actually Mozart's old house.

This is the main entrance of Mozart's house.

At night, we went to watch an opera at the Vienna State Opera House. For normal sitting tickets, the price is around 40 to 50 euros. However, we lined up really early at the side entrance for standing tickets. For standing tickets, they were really cheap - 4 euros. All you need to do was to spend 3 hours waiting in line for tickets. I remember everyone was dressed up in nice night cocktail dresses and suits; whereas I was just wearing ragged jeans and a sweater.

It was well worth it! We watched Fidelio, a German opera created by Beethoven. Although the entire dialogue was in German, there were translation panels in front of our seats to show real-time translation. If you don't mind standing for 3 hours, you should definitely give it a try. If you are going to watch an opera play once in your life, you may as well do it in Vienna.

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