Vienna: City of Music

October 1, 2012

Day 16


Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti.... Well, even though we are in Vienna, we are not quite at the centre city of music. We decided to spend a day on a nearby palace, before fully exploring the music culture tomorrow.


At the outskirt of Vienna (South west) lies an enormous palace, Schonbrunn Palace. It is the palace of the Habsburg family Empire.


The Habsburg family was one of the most important royal houses of Europe. Multiple times that the Holy Roman Empire was occupied by the Habsburgs. Through diplomatic marriages, the family has stretched its influence across Europe, including Burgundy, Spain, Hungary and Bohemia. One of the most famous descendent of the Habsburg family is Maria Theresa of Austria, who is the mother of Marie Antoinette, wife of the last Frence King, Louis XVI.



 The Habsburg family has a huge backyard! 



Again, we really wanted to take pictures of the interior, but we weren't allowed. What's up with all these museums not allowing us to take pictures inside? 


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