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Neuschwanstein: The Sleeping Beauty Castle?

Day 15

After a wild and crazy party day yesterday at Oktoberfest, we decided to tour around somewhere more classy and elegant. Some of you may have heard of Neuschwanstein, because of those beautiful wallpapers that appear on desktops or art galleries.

We had to take a train from Munich to a city called Schwangau. Beautiful isn't it? Apparently, this is the inspiration to many movies, including the famous classic Disney movie: The Sleeping Beauty.

Here is a model of the castle.

Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures inside. However, a brief description of the interior is that there are many themes. One of the theme featured inside the castle is a swan. Apparently, the construction of this castle was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria for the homage of musician Richard Wagner. The friendship between Ludwig and Wagner was so deep that Ludwig had to gift Wagner an entire castle. The swan theme of the castle was attributed to Wagner's famous opera, Lohengrin, which features a story of the Knight of the Swan.

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