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Handgliding? I'm not ready yet

Day 11

I always have a fear of heights. And I still do. I really hope one day I can conquer this fear, but definitely not today.

We took a train to go south to Interlaken, the sports activity city of Switzerland. Since Interlaken hostel price is a lot more expensive, we decide to return back to Lucerne at night before heading to Germany.

There is so much you can do in Interlaken, such as kayaking, water-rafting, biking, rock-climbing, para-gliding and hand-gliding. As mentioned above, I'm ready to do any sport but participating in activities that involve heights.

Funny thing is that my friend, Janice, booked an appointment with a hand-gliding company. The company representative, Bernie, or people call him Birdman, is going to glide with my friend. He even managed to do some last minute convincing on me. I'm sorry, I still can't do it. Nonetheless, I accompanied Janice to go up the hill and watched her glide down.

I took the shuttle bus back down from the hill and watched Janice glide from the top. I think Bernie tried to give my friend some thrilling experience by doing a 360 degree spin. It was quite entertaining watching from the bottom. I guess a part of me is also jealous for someone to have the courage to do this.

So what did I do instead? I went to the shops at Interlaken and bought my mom a swiss watch. I think it's time to get some decent souvenir for my family.

Once we headed back to Lucerne, we treated ourselves with some nice traditional Swiss cuisine - Cheese fondue and Raclette. The Raclette dish is pretty intense where this is a triangular heater that tries to melt the cheese from the side. You are supposed to use the spoon and catch the melted cheese. We were told by the server that this kind of swiss cuisine is only reserved for special purpose - like Christmas.

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