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Roman forums, Colosseum etc.

Day 5

From the beginning, I knew this was going to be an exhausting day. This day was packed with activities as we were trying to tour around Rome as much as possible.

Very early we already woke up to visit the Roman Forums. We paid for those audio tour and held the device with us while we walk around the site.

This place was way too massive and it was quite challenging to remember all the details of the site. All I remember was the existence of Vestal virgins where the female took a vow of chastity and served the Roman gods for the rest of their lives.

As mentioned previously, these are the statues of the Vestal Virgins. After thousands of years, they were still able to preserve some of the remnants of the statues.

This picture is pretty priceless.

The one other thing that I remembered from the Roman Forums is this giant arch. It is called the Basillica of Maxentius and it is used as a meeting place for congress.

Arch of Titus.

The device that I'm holding below is the audio guide.

Conveniently, at the end of the Roman Forums is the famous Colosseum. From the outskirt, we could see that construction workers were trying to repair the Colosseum. Inside the arena, the ground was apparently gone and underneath was a maze.

At night, we were treated with real gelato this time.

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