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Ibiza: The party island

Day 3

We paid about $38 Euros to fly on Ryanair from Barcelona to the famous party island, Ibiza. This island only opens up on certain months of the year (Summer and fall). There is absolutely no other industries except hotel, retail and club. On our flight to Ibiza, we can tell that everyone is a party-goer based on the demographic and their attire.

We booked a hotel and stayed in the island for one overnight.

Here is the view of the street from our hotel.

We weren't really prepared coming to Ibiza. We were hoping to club hop and hope for the best. Little do we know that these clubs need advanced-tickets. That night, there was the option to see either Tiesto or Armin Van Buuren.

Luckily, the hotel that we stayed in had a bulk buy of tickets, probably in anticipation for unprepared club visitors like us. After an internal vote, we voted to go see Tiesto! (even though my favourite is Armin). We are going to the famous Pacha club and we paid lower than market price.

As expected, this club is wild and huge. People were definitely enjoying themselves with some trance music and the presence of Tiesto. I remember Tiesto didn't show up until 2am. The opening was set up by the Bingo Players.

Here comes a closer look of Tiesto. Peopl were way too crazy by sending out love notes to Tiesto's security guards. Some of them, seem to be responded back by Tiesto. Hm.....

After an exhausting night, we woke up with a nice treat of sunny side up egg, ham and bread for breakfast.

We had to take a Ryanair flight again to fly to Rome. As required by the airline company, all of us need to put our luggage and fit inside their measuring rack. If your luggage doesn't fit, you have to pay $50 Euro, which is even more expensive than your flight ticket! Here is a success story below:

Our flight took a good few hours. We went to Mercato and enjoy ourselves with some nice authentic pasta. This is where I had my best pasta in the whole world - Spaghetti Carbonara.

On our way to the hostel, we saw this massive structure - Altare della Patria or Vittoriano II. It is a monument built to honour Victor Emmanuel, the first king of a unified Italy, located in Rome, Italy. This is the night view of it.

When we were trying to find our hostel, we were lost but we knew the approximate location. One man was trying to follow us and tapped our shoulders. Obviously, this was a very scary moment. However, he turns out to be the hostel manager and for some reason, he knew that we were looking for the hostel. Not to our surprise, this hotstel was quite hidden. We were also charged with this new accomodation tax in Rome!! Definitely not impressed.

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