November 16, 2017

This is my video blog while hiking on the famous Torres Del Paine W trail. The walk was 4 days at this beautiful national park in Chile. I went during the off season in October. This would give you a view of the W trail facing gloomy and rainy season. The wind is also...

June 24, 2017

As an avid-traveler, I am a big believer in understanding the culture and knowing the history to fully grasp the story behind each country that I am traveling to. On my journey to Russia, I was able to learn the Russian renaissance history and I would love to share a q...

June 15, 2017

Where is Moscow?

Moscow is located at the west end of Russia. It only takes 4 hour of high speed train to reach the city from St. Petersburg. As the capital of Russia, you can easily fly there from any countries (as long you have a visa). The Moscow international airpor...

June 11, 2017

Where is St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is located in the west of Russia. It is located at the head of the Gulf of Finland which is basically part of the Baltic sea. It is easily accessible as it is a major city in Europe. There are about 5 million inhabitants. If you w...

January 21, 2017

I had the privilege this year to go to Yellowknife to check out the Northern Lights. People often ask me two questions: 1) Did I see the Lights? 2) How would you take pictures of it?

This guide should give you a quick overview and everything that you need to know about...

January 5, 2017

After much delay, here is a summary of my trip that showcases the beauty of the lands of Africa.

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Quick things to know about Tanzanian safaris

February 16, 2020

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Henry is an avid traveler and a tax consultant by profession.


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