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Whistler Blackcomb: Home of Winter Olympics

I was fortunate to travel to Whistler for work reasons. Obviously, I am taking advantage of this opportunity to tour around the area, and taking an extra week off to check out Vancouver. Although Whistler is more well-known for being a world-class ski resort, the summer activity is plenty to offer.

To kick off my day, I decided to golf in this resort. Surprisingly, my golf skills improved significantly. Balls went farther, shots were more straight - all partially because the air in Whistler is thinner.

The Olympic ring symbol was placed right in the centre of the resort.

Afterwards, we took the gondola ride and reached the top of Blackcomb mountain. As you can see, even though it is summer time, there is still snow cap at the top of the mountain.

Another set of Olympic rings. As the host city, why not brag about it?

My friends who I tagged along with.

The trek wasn't too hard, but it was chilly.

At the end, we were treated with $1 oysters - special deal.

Met up with my friend Bernard at mid-night, who works at Whistler!

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