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Park Guell: Ginger bread house?

Day 2

Woke up early and went back to Sagrada Familia. One thing I must warn readers is to avoid eating lunch or dinner near a famous tourist attraction. These places usually charge you for extra. We ordered Paella and I definitely think we overpaid.

Here is a closer look at Sagrada Familia.

As I said, many human statues that form the facade of this massive church.

We were able to climb up the stairs and reach the top of the church. I believe you have to pay to get up there.

Later in the day, we went to Park Guell, which is also designed by Gaudi. However, apparently this is an unfinished Park. A tragic story is that Gaudi was killed by a tram back in the 1920s.

Don't you think that the houses in this park are like Ginger bread houses?

Cool colonnaded footpath under the roadway with external columns sloping to support the road above.

This park is massive.

Later on, we went to the highest point of Barcelona - Mountjuic. A high mountain for a good view of the city. We had to take a cable car to go up. Keep in mind that Barcelona used to be a battle site and had a massive fortress.

Came down to the Olympic stadium of Barcelona and saw Roger Federer's plaque. I think we have the same foot size.

Palau National - A museum with four poles. I can't really know the significant of these four columns.

The picture below showcases how public transit is like in Barcelona.

Tomorrow, off we go to Ibiza!

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